About Us

Dean’s Concessions started in 2005 as a mobile food concession service. We have had food stands at many festivals, fairs and events around the Central New York area for years.

Our mobile concessions are at the heart of our business. We gradually began catering food for parties for family members and friends. Then guests started asking for our business card and we have been catering ever since.

We don’t advertise in media, we don’t have a restaurant, we don’t have full-time employees; that means that we don’t have to charge you an outrageous price for catering. Our prices are reasonable and we aim to keep it that way! We want you to know that we are able to customize a menu to fit your desires for your special event. Don’t see something on the menu? Just ask us. Want to mix and match menu items? Just ask us. We are here to cater to you and for you!